Skubone 2
Home world: Cyber space
First appearance: Denkou Chojin Gridman episode 38 "Danger Earth!"
Latest appearance: Denkou Chojin Gridman episode 39 "Farewell, Gridman
Height: 73 m
Weight: 73,000 t
Category: TBA
Affiliation: Khan Digifier
Roar(s): TBA
Sukabon (スカボーン Sukabōn?) is the final monster that Gridman fights in his series, Denkou Chojin Gridman.

Subtitle: Stench Monster (悪臭怪獣 Akushū Kaijū?)


  • Height: 73 m
  • Weight: 73,000 t
  • Origin: Takeshi Todo's PC


Denkou Choujin Gridman

Skubone was the last kaiju created by Takashii.


  • Skubone might be a tribute to Red King.
  • Skubone shares the same body type as Dazzlba.

Powers and Abilities

  • Smog: From his tail, Skubone can fire a billowing cloud of smog, similar to a skunk.


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