Sky Demon
Sky Demon
Home world: Planet Earth (Legend version)
First appearance: New Century Ultraman Legend
Latest appearance: None
Height: 666 m
Weight: 666,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Sky Demon (天空魔 Tenkū Ma) was a monster that appeared in New Century Ultraman Legend.

Subtitle: Dark Mystic Demon (暗黒妖鬼 Ankoku Yōki)

Subtitle 2: Combine Monster (合体怪獣 Gattai Kaijū)


  • Height: 666 m
  • Weight: 666,000 t
  • Origin: The joining of 20 past kaiju


The Sky Demon was an extra-dimensional kaiju that followed a boy named Kanchi and his father back from the TV Ultraman world. Appearing in the sky, the Sky Demon began raining down energy balls and blocking out the sky with his dark cloud. Kanchi raised his paper airplane to the sky and summoned all the Ultramen, from Ultraman to Cosmos, to combat the creature. Ultraman King ordered all the Ultras to use the Specium Ray, killing the Sky Demon. The bodies of deceased Ultra Kaiju rained down from the sky as the demon exploded.

Powers and Weapons

  • Energy Ball: The Sky Demon can fire powerful energy balls from his mouth, they can badly damage an Ultraman.
  • Durability: The Sky Demon withstood a lot of punishment from the Ultras, before being defeated.
  • Dark Cloud: The Sky Demon was able to cover the sky in dark clouds. This stopped the Ultras from recharging their energy.


  • Sky Demon may be one of the most powerful Ultra Kaiju to date, as it required all Ultras up until Cosmos to defeat him with their finishing rays.