User(s): Alien Shaplay
Nature: Mineral
Powers: Empowering Kaiju
Harnessing untold energy
Absorbing life energy
First Appearance: Ultraman Orb episode 18 Hard Boiled Liver (2016)
Status: Destroyed

Slimtonium (ヤセルトニウム Yaserutoniumu?) is a mineral that appears in Ultraman Orb, specifically episode 18.


Examples of Slimtonium vary in size and shape, Shaplay's Slimtonium was a large Crystal, colored blue, with a black overlay on the bottom, however, it seemed that the mineral was used in common jewelry, as it was seen on civillians, however, in a necklace form.


  • Awakening and Empowering: It can awaken and empower a kaiju, infusing the beast with its energy and giving it unnatural abilities.
  • Reflect: It was able to knock away Shibukawa's shots just from Shaplay holding it up as a shield.
  • Absorb: Its main purpose is to absorb life energy, which was used by Alien Shaplay in scamming people into wearing Slimtonium jewelery in order to magically slim down. It can also absorb energy from a shot, namely Shibukawa's pistol shots.
  • Energy Ray: After absorbing energy, a large Slimtonium crystal is able to fire a blue energy ray.
  • Transfer: Silmtonium is capable of transferring whatever life energy it has absorbed into a larger piece.


  • Slimtonium is most likely based off Ultonium which was the stone the original Alien Shaplay had.