"Born in the nebula known as M78, together they fight for peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Warriors of great compassion and courage."

— Opening narration, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends

Space Garrison HQ

Space Garrison HQ

The Space Garrison (宇宙警備隊 Uchū Keibitai?) is a security organization originating from the Land of Light that seeks universal peace and justice. Its numbers are composed entirely of Ultras. The only known blue Ultra who is part of the Space Garrison is Ultraman Hikari.


Old Space Garrison

The founding of the Space Garrison

Thirty thousand years ago, the Land of Light was attacked by Alien Empera and his monster army in what would later be called the Great Ultra War. The most decorated hero of this conflict was Father of Ultra, who dueled and defeated the dark emperor. Father of Ultra, then known as Ultraman Ken, was made the first captain of the Space Garrison. Other Ultras soon joined the organization for the sake of promoting peace in the universe.

Ken and Marie Space Garrison

The new Space Garrison

Their numbers grew and eventually the organization reached a million members strong. Ken was promoted to the position of Supreme Commander after the Great Ultra War and took on the title Father of Ultra. Among the Space Rangers are the Ultra Brothers, many of whom have become a legendary presence on Earth.

Ultraman Mebius has stated that prior to the creation of the Space Garrison, Ultras of the Land of Light believed their powers should be used to do good. This implies they enforced justice across space in a less organized fashion.

Known Facts

  • Ultra Garrison

    Space Garrison

    All members of the Space Garrison are refered to as Ultra Crusaders and/or Space Rangers.
  • There are approximately one million Ultra Crusaders.
  • The duties of the Ultra Crusaders include patroling sectors of the universe, battling monsters, accident investigations and rescue operations.
  • Due to their abilities, Ultra beings do not carry fire arms or use vehicles. However, the Ultra Bracelet seems to be a standard weapon, as several rangers have been seen using it.
  • Cadets are trained in the use of beams as well as physical combat. 
  • The Silver Cross Corps is the medical division of the garrison. Unlike the other members they are not a combative force and only exist to heal injured and fallen Ultras. 
  • There is a branch of the Space Garrison in the Andromeda Galaxy. 



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