Space Moths
Ultrmn Tr Spc Mths
Home world: Space
First appearance: Ultraman Taro Episode 24: "This Is the Land of Ultra!"
Latest appearance: Ultraman Taro Episode 25: "Burn On! The Six Ultra Brothers"
Height: Unknown
Weight: 2 ounces
Category: Insect Kaiju
Affiliation: Mururoa
Roar(s): TBA

Space Moths (宇宙蛾 Uchū Ga) that came with Mururoa.


  • Length: 1 inch
  • Weight: 2 ounces


  • None


  • Space Moths are very attracted to light.


Ultraman Taro

Space Moths were creatures that were imprisoned within the same meteor as Mururoa and accompanied the space kaiju. They first appeared swarming a passenger jet, distracting the pilots long enough for Mururoa to knock the craft from the skies with his acidic spray, another being discovered by Kotaro when he investigated. Later, as the Kotaro searched for a friend of his with some kids, they were attacked by the swarming creatures, which soon descended on nearby factory, their master with them. However, as they rampaged, the sun rose, attracting the Space Moths away from Mururoa. But after Mururoa covered the world in darkness, the Space Moths returned to attack, soon being attacked themselves by ZAT. Soon, however, their master Mururoa appeared to fight back. As ZAT was swarmed by Space Moths and forced into the retreat by Mururoa. As two boys walked home, the moths swarmed a trucks headlights in the darkness, causing it to crash into them. It was then ZAT discovered the Moths were attracted to lights of all kinds, preventing them from attacking in vast numbers as normally. But then, Mururoa and the Space Moths attacked again. Soon, the Ultra Brothers arrived with the Ultra Bell, clearing away the vile darkness, causing the Space Moths to be lured away. After Mururoa was killed, the Space Moths disappeared for good as well.

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