List of Spark Dolls

Hikaru's Spark Dolls

Ultraman Ginga

List of known Spark Dolls in Ultraman Ginga: These have been confirmed to have been in the Dark Spark War or seen in Dark Lugiel's hideout.



Kaiju Allies

Fake Spark Dolls

List of some of the Spark Dolls that appeared in Ultraman Ginga: Theater Special Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royal!. Note that these Spark Dolls were not real as they were imitations that created based on Tomoya's drawings and used in a Virtual Reality dream generated by the Gunpad.

Ultraman Ginga S

List of known Spark Dolls in Ultraman Ginga S: The origin of these dolls is unknown.

Ultraman X

List of known Spark Dolls in Ultraman X. In this universe, Spark Dolls are known as OOPArts in Earth, while potentially seen as weapons of destruction in outer space.


Ultramen Spark Dolls

Hero Spark Dolls

Kaiju/Alien Spark Dolls

Miscellaneous Images of Spark Dolls