Home world: Planet Earth (Cosmos Universe)
First appearance: Ultraman Cosmos episode 3 "Fly, Musashi!"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 62 m
Weight: 61,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): TBA

Spittle (スピットル, Supittoru?) first appeared in Ultraman Cosmos episode 3 "Fly, Musashi!". This kaiju is a homage to Gabora from the orignal Ultraman series.

Subtitle: Neckpiece Monster (襟巻怪獣, Erimaki Kaijū?)


Ultraman Cosmos

Scout Mode

A large creature from beneath the Earth, Spittle scouted the surface in the middle of the night and returned the next morning near an active airport. EYES quickly came to the scene and placed a tracking device on him. After some of Spittle's slime got into one of EYES' fighters, the monster quickly burrowed underground. That night Musashi Haruno tried to analyze whatever possible weaknesses Spittle might have and soon found out that he was protecting an egg beneath the ground. Spittle was spotted the next morning about to attack the airport with EYES soon coming to the scene to stop him. However, a jumbo jet with a smoking right wing as about to make a crash landing nearby and Spittle aimed straight for it. However, thanks to Musashi's quick thinking, he distracted Spittle long enough for the jet to land safely.

Attack Mode

Once the jumbo jet landed safely Spittle started to become more aggressive and used his no longer ranging slime stream to shoot Musashi down. However, he quickly turned into Ultraman Cosmos and did battle with Spittle. Try as Spittle might, Cosmos was too maneuverable for him too handle. Once Cosmos used the Golden light Barrier to stun Spittle, EYES used a special tranquilizer on his the sensitive spot on the back of his neck to put him to sleep.


  • Spittle is a homage to the kaiju Gabora.
  • Due to the positioning of Spittle's eyes in his Scout Form, he bears a passing resemblance to the Queen Metroid.


Spittle (Scout Mode)
Spittle Scout

Spittle Scout


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 61,000 t
  • Origin: Area J3 landfills

Powers and Weapons

  • Burrowing: Spittle Scout can burrow at high speeds.
  • Slime Stream: Spittle Scout can spew a stream green slime from his mouth capable of making small explosions.

Spittle (Battle Mode)

Spittle Battle


  • Height: 62 m
  • Weight: 61,000 t
  • Origin: Area J3 landfills

Powers and Weapons

  • Burrowing: Spittle Battle can burrow at high speeds.
  • Slime Stream: Spittle Battle can spew a stream green slime from his mouth capable of making small explosions.




อุลตร้าแมน คอสมอส VS Spittle (ตอนที่ 3 Cut)02:56

อุลตร้าแมน คอสมอส VS Spittle (ตอนที่ 3 Cut)

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