Star Cluster Alliance
Members: TBAS
Affiliations: SSSP
Various Alien Governments
Designations: To promote interstellar peace.
Protection of Member states against the threat of monsters and invasion.
Control of migration for various species (appears to be mainly focused on aggressive races)
First appearance: ULTRAMAN
Latest appearance: TBA
An interstellar Alliance of various alien races, who maintain peace through out the universe. They are affiliate with the current incarnation of the SSSP and various Earth Governments. Despite this, their intentions for Earth are held as suspect by some characters. It's leaders are the Star Cluster Alliance Council, mainly referred to as the Star Cluster Council.


When the Alliance formed was unknown but it would appear that was before the start of the original series.

Approximately seven years before the start of the series, Earth joined the Alliance. As a result the Alliance came and removed all monsters from the planet and made it impossible for alien races to invade as they had done before.

As a result, several aliens migrated to Earth, building and populating a city, that could only be reach via the Portals. Several species have been banned due to their aggressive natures. For example, Alien Adacic, and Bris

The current head quarters of the Alliance, on Earth, is called Babel (See infobox) and is located in Antarctica.


Individual Members

  • Ed: Head of SSSP and an agent of the Council
  • Ambassador Mephisto: Superior of Ed, and Adad and presumably all other agents on Earth
  • Agent Adad: An agent of the council. He is not trusted by his superiors.

Known Affiliated Species/Races/Civilizations



  • Most often, when people refer to the organization, they refer to it via the name of the ruling body, the Star Cluster Council.
  • It was originally called the Universal Council, until an official English Translation Came out.
  • It appears to be the first alien based organization in the franchise, whose goal is not to conquer Earth.
  • The name of its Earth Headquarters Babel, is drawn from the Biblical tale.

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