Stratos Edge
Image star are edge blades
User(s): Ultraman The Next
Nature: Bracers
Powers: Various
First Appearance: Ultraman The Movie
Status: Presumably evolved into Armed Nexus

Stratos Edge (ストラトスエッジ Sutoratosu Ejji?) refers to the Stratos Edge Blades on The Next arms. They are a devolved version of the Armed Nexus. They are used by Ultraman The Next for various purposes and can be charged.


They are similar to most bracers but mainly serve as bladed weapons. They are a devolved form of the Armed Nexus. Unlike their later form, they do not have some abilities such as deploying a Meta Field.

They can be charged with energy to cut through objects like a blade and can be also used to fire an energy slash.

In Junis Mode, they can be charged to fire more powerful energy slashes from both and can even used to fire the finisher beam, the Elbow Ray Storm.


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