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Strium Brace
Stirum brace a4
User(s): Hikaru Raido
Ultraman Ginga
Nature: Bracer
Powers: Form change, granting the user power of six Ultra Brothers.
First Appearance: Ultraman Ginga S Episode 3: "Pride Of A Warrior"
Status: Out of use

"Now, it's time for you to become one!"

―Strium Brace activation

"UltraLive: Ultraman Taro!"

Ginga Spark insertion announcement

"Grant Ginga power! Ginga Strium!"

―Transformation announcement

"The power of (Ultra Brother)!"

―Ultra ability activation

Strium Brace (ストリウムブレス Sutoriumu Buresu?) is a bracelet that is used by Ultraman Ginga in Ultraman Ginga S.


Ultraman Ginga SEdit

When Ultraman Taro was on his way to Earth after detecting a new threat, he had been granted the powers of the five senior members of the Ultra Brothers in the Land of Light. Upon arrival, he transformed himself into a Spark Doll and later into the Strium Brace which enabled Ultraman Ginga to assume Strium Form.

The bracer was seen in use as both Hikaru and Ginga. In order to keep Taro's appearance a secret from the rest of the UPG, both Hikaru and Tomoya lied about it as his new creation to Hikaru, a watch/alarm clock.

After Ginga and Victory destroyed Vict Lugiel (the revived Dark Lugiel), Taro bid them farewell and departed back to his world. It is also presumed that he had gave back the other five Ultra Brothers' powers back to their owners.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Form Change: The Strium Brace can change Ultraman Ginga into Ultraman Ginga Strium. He does this by rotating Taro's face 90 degree clockwise while Taro shouts Ima koso, hitotsu ni naru toki! (今こそ、ひとつになる時!?lit. Now, it's time for you to become one!) and scans the tip with the Ginga Spark, causing the brace to yell Ginga ni chikara o, Ginga Sutoriumu!! (ギンガに力を!ギンガストリウム!!?lit. Give Ginga power, Ginga Strium!!).
    • Ultra Powers: The Brace allows Ginga to use any of the powers/techniques of the Ultra Brothers from Ultraman to Taro. The user first scrolls through the Ultra powers that he wishes to use and then when an Ultra appears, the Strium Brace/Taro calls out <selected Ultra's name> no Chikara! <selected Ultra's ability>! (<selected Ultra's name> の力よ! <selected Ultra's ability>!?lit. The power of <selected Ultra's name>! <selected Ultra's ability>!). While in use of the powers, the Ginga Strium will automatically emit a similar grunt to the Ultra Brother in their respective attacks. Certain powers like Jack's Ultra Barrier can be used by Hikaru through the Brace.
    • Ultra Brothers Abilities:


  • The Strium Brace is the first Ultra-based item that can be utilized by both an Ultra and their human host.
  • The Strium Brace is the first confirmed sentient item used in the series.
  • When in use by Ultraman Ginga, the Strium Brace didn't spot Taro's face. Instead, a small blue orb appeared in its place.
  • Since Specium Ray had already been used by Ultraman, Ultra Shot was placed on Jack's powers instead.


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