Ultrmn Ich Scnc Ptrl Sb VTOL
Length: 15.5m
Weight: 17 t
Width: 10.5m
Seats up to: 2 members
Max Speed: Mach 1.5
Type: Space Jet
Affiliation SSSP

The Sub VTOL (小型ビートル Kogata Bītoru) (aka Triangle VTOL (三角ビートル Sankaku Bītoru)) was the SSSP's second jet aircraft, unlike the Jet VTOL it was a STOL aircraft and, just like the Jet VTOL, it was also created by Dr. Iwamoto. It used primarily for reconnaissance, it was capable small distance space travel, and also equipped with a gun rack in the cockpit. In the series, to differentiate in from the Jet VTOL it was simply referred to as the "Beetle". It appeared episode 1, episode 14, episode 16, episodes 19 to 21, and episode 23. most of its appearances are concentrated to the middle of the series, as almost didn't appear at the end of the show.


A sort of lifting-body machine, powered by rocket engine, it can be remote-controlled from the SSSP HQ base, shown in episode 16 when it was used to escort the Venus-bond rocket "Phoenix", to over look the ignition of the two-stage rocket.

Since it is not a VTOL machine, but rather a Short TakeOff and Landing machine (a STOL), it has to take-off and land at fairly steep angles.


It was designed by Toru Narita. Who in later years, commented that the Sub VTOL was designed because there were complaints about the Jet VTOL's prototype design, and was originally to be called "VTOL No. 2 (ビートル2号 Bītoru 2-gō)". It's miniature was made out of wood.



Hayata was piloting the Sub VTOL at the time of his collision with Ultraman's Travel Sphere.Ultra Operation No.1


It is armed with a beam cannon and rockets.