Robot Aggressive
Home world: Planet Mid
First appearance: None
Latest appearance: None
Height: 48 m
Weight: 50, 000 t
Category: Robots
Affiliation: Alien Mid
Roar(s): None

Sufinga (スフィンガー Sufingā?) was meant to be one of Redman's many enemies.


  • Length: 48 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Mid


Sufinga was meant to be one of Redman's many enemies, but due to time constraints and budget, he never made it out of the concept art phase. He was supposed to be a robot that the Alien Mid created to invade earth.


  • He is based off of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Powers and Abilities

While he never made it in the show, the concept art shows him spitting a beam, and he has large bladed hands which could probably be used to bludgeon his enemies.

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