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Home world: Earth (Ultraman and Ultra Zone)
Dimension X (Ultraseven)
First appearance: Ultraman Episode 8: "The Lawless Monster Zone" (1966)
Latest appearance: Ultra Zone (2012)
Height: 100 m
Weight: 8 t
Category: Plant
Affiliation: Alien Bell (in his dimension only)
Roar(s): TBA

Suflan (スフラン Sufuran?) is a species of blood drinking plants on Tatara Island and Johnson Island. The plants seemed to be recreated by the Alien Bell to inhabit his dimension.

Subtitle: Strange Plants (怪奇植物 Kaiki Shokubutsu?)


  • Height: 100 m
  • Weight: 8 t
  • Origin: Tatara Island and Johnson Island (Ultraman), Space X (Ultraseven)



Generation I

One of the residents of the Tatara Island, the Suflan were responsible for the death of one member of a small group of Japanese scientists. With their disappearance, the Science Patrol arrived to attempt a rescue, but upon finding the bloody clothes of one of the missing men, the group was attacked. Numerous vines lashed out and grabbed Fuji and Ide. However, the plants were easily dealt with by a Arashi's Spider Shot. As the patrol moved back, more vines began to dangle from the canopy, moving lazily as their human prey escaped without harm.

Generation II

Elsewhere in the world, the carnivorous vines thrived. While locating the beast Gomora on Johnson Island, the group of scientists was attacked by the vines. Using a his Spider Shot, Arashi managed to burn the plants, freeing the trapped scientists.


The Suflan reappeared in this series as plants created by Alien Bell. However, they are only referred to as "Suflan", with their true name being Space Plant (宇宙植物 Uchū shokubutsu?).

Created by Alien Bell to inhabit his Dimension X, the Suflan thrived there and caught two Ultra Garrison members when they were trapped there. However, the plants were burned away by the UG Standard Uniform Pistols.


  • Suflan is the only kaiju to reapper in Ultraseven

Powers and Abilities

  • Blood Sucking: Suflan are able to drink the blood of their victims after grasping them with their giant leaves.
  • Vines: Suflan II has two long vines to ensnare whatever comes close to it.


The Suflan, like all plants, will burn and die if caught in contact with a powerful source of heat or fire.

Other Media

Ultra Zone

The Suflan reappeared in episodes 11 and 12 of this series in the section: "The Secret of Sunflan Island".


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