Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb
Crisis Impact
User(s): Ultraman Belial
Nature: Detonator
Powers: Triggers Crisis Impact
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed episode 1 Welcome to the Secret Base (2017)
Status: Destroyed

The Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb (超時空消滅爆弾 Chō Jikū Shōmetsu Bakudan?) is a huge detonator that was utilized by Ultraman Belial.


Ultraman Geed

Although how or when did Belial obtained the object is unknown, it was stated that he utilized the device in the midst of fighting the Ultra Warriors on Earth. He summoned it through the Giga Battle Nizer and triggered the bomb to initiate Crisis Impact. As a result of his actions, Planet Earth was destroyed by a large explosion, followed by a large black hole that began to consume the entire universe. The object's full destructive power would have been realised, had Ultraman King not merged his life force with that of the Universe itself to reverse all the damage caused by it.


  • The prop that was used to create the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb is based on the civilization-destroying bomb used by the People of Nebula KJ-K5.

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