The Super Reborn Chogokin series was an unofficially licensed Ultraman figure series released under the company Saiyudo and distributed by the Ruishi Arts and Culture company of Guang Dong, China. The license of the toys were given by the very critically acclaimed Chaiyo company of Thailand and its division, Tsuburaya Chaiyo. The toys themselves were often recognized as the first "Super-Articulated Ultraman Toys" to their ability to bend at the waists, something the Bandai Action Hero Series could not do at the time. There were only two toys released for this line, and came in a packaging as shown on your right. The toys were sold in various color variations: gold, red, black, and silver. The toys are now very rare to acquire and very expensive, often costing up to, if not beyond, 80 U.S. Dollars.

Specific Toy Information

  • Year of Release: 2007
  • Variations: 4
  • Hight: approx. 6 inches
  • Accessories: swappable hands
  • Features:
    • Multiple joints of articulations
    • Interchangeable parts
    • Chogokin metal parts (feet)
    • Light-up eyes (not actually included)
  • Packaging: Clear plastic box, plastic bubble protection
  • Released under: Saiyudo
  • Licensed by: Tsuburaya Chaiyo, Chaiyo Prod.
  • MSP: None

Fan Reception

The toys were badly recepted by the fans of the Ultraman franchise, mainly due to the poor build and quality of the toys. The plastic is of a very cheap kind and may break even with the slight mishandling. Many fans have said that the plastic seems to be "petrified" and is so fragile that some came broken in the packaging. The light-up eyes were also then proven to be of fiction, as even the advertised red color variant has no such effect. Finally, the toy was very limited in the amount of "Chogokin parts" actually included. After Chaiyo lost the legal battle with Tsuburaya, the toys went out of production and has not returned since.


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