Type: Profit
Industry: Television network
Founded: 2005
Headquarters: West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
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Toku is a 24-hour cable network owned by Olympusat which broadcasts anime series, OVAs, ONAs, anime films and live-action films and series from Japan, China, Korea and Thailand. On February 27, 2017, began broadcasting the Ultraman Max series dubbed in English.

The new episodes of the current series are broadcast Monday through Friday at 7pm ET with replays of the other finalized series every day during the morning or afternoon.

The channel is also available for online streaming on Amazon Channels for Amazon Prime members.
Ultraman on TOKU00:31

Ultraman on TOKU

Premieres are coming to TOKU in February!-000:31

Premieres are coming to TOKU in February!-0

Ultraman Neos00:31

Ultraman Neos

The U.S01:01

The U.S. Premiere of Ultraman Seven X June 5th on TOKU!

Ultra Series Shown in TOKU

Coming Soon

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