Home world: Earth (Nebula M78 Universe)
First Appearance: Ultraman 80 episode 8: "Revival of a Legend"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 57 m
Weight: 39,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Warrior of Light (Enemy)
Roar(s): TBA
Tabra (タブラ Tabura) is a kaiju that appeared in Ultraman 80. He appeared in episode 8.

Subtitle: Resurrection Monster (復活怪獣 Fukkatsu Kaijū)


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 39,000 t
  • Tail length: 80 m 
  • Tounge Length: 100 m 
  • Origin: Ishikurayama


Ultraman 80

3000 years ago, this monster raided Japan, and used to feed on humans, until the mysterious Warrior of Light appeared and stoped the monster. Tabra was sealed inside a mountain for the rest of time, or was supposed to be. The monster awoke and killed some mountain climbers. Their disappearance prompted UGM into action whom were then told about the legend of Tabra. While looking for the missing people, they came across the fully awake Tabra inside the mountain!

Its movements caused the ground around the mountain to give way and several people were sucked inside the darkness. Also trapped inside, they had to contend with its long tongue until the creature decided to break out of the mountain and go on a rampage.

The force’s weapons proved little value against the titan and it continued on unopposed until Takeshi and the rest were saved from the cave in. Ultraman 80 was called into action against the beast, but Tabra lashed out with his energy beams. The hero’s timer quickly began to flash. Blocking more of its attacks, 80 fired his Saxium Ray into the monster’s chest, killing it.


  • Tabra's roar is a modified roar of the Daiei Monster, Gyaos.
  • Tabra's name is derived from the term "Trick".
  • On Crunchyroll Tabra is subtitled as "Tablar".
  • Tabra is one of the only 80 kaiju to be seen eating a person.

Powers and Weapons

  • Eye Beams: Tabra can fire two yellows lasers from his eyes. They have electric properties and can cause explosions
  • Tongue: Tabra has a long tongue which is used to ensnare and eat prey.

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