Taiketsu! Ultra Hero
Taiketsu! Ultra Hero
Developer(s): Jordan
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Release date: March 5th, 2004
Genre: Fighting Mode
Game modes: 1P Player

2P Player

Ratings: A (All ages) (In accordance to Japan's CERO)
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Succeeded by: {{{sequel}}}

Taiketsu! Ultra Hero (対決! ウルトラヒーロー Taiketsu! Urutorahīrō?) is a fighting game. It was developed by Jordon and published by Nintendo.

Game Modes

  • 1P mode
  • 2P mode
  • Tournament Mode
  • Options and Extras

Playable Characters


Aliens and Monsters



  • The game sprites of the Ultramen and Monsters featured in this game will later be used as templates for their MUGEN character sprites.
  • When fighting against yourself (e.g. Ultraman vs. Ultraman), the Ultra Heroes' clones will have a lighter shade of their original color (e.g. Ultraman pink, Seven orange). The monsters will have mostly greenish hues, with Zetton as blue and Dinosaur Tank as green. However, two players cannot play as Gatanothor simultaneously.
  • This game shows Reicubas as being shorter than Ultraman Dyna, which might have led to the mistake of Bandai over-sizing their Reigubas figure.
  • This is the only video game to include Zetton's Jack incarnation as "Zetton II."
  • You are still able to get the game on your phone today from the internet.

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