Takuma Aoki
Takuma Aoki
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Home world: Earth (Neo Frontier Space Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Tiga
First appearance: The Phantom Dash
Last appearance: Bird of the Phantom Dream
Number of appearances 1 (Tiga),
1 (Dyna)
Type: Ally
Family Mayumi Shinjoh (fiancée)
Affiliation Tetsuo Shinjoh
Portrayed by Takuma Aoki

Takuma Aoki (アオキ・タクマ Aoki Takuma) is a fictional version of real life former motorcycle road racer from Japan. He first appears in Ultraman Tiga, where he is Mayumi Shinjoh's fiancé and a motorcycle road racer. He later reappeared in Ultraman Dyna along with his real life brother Haruchika Aoki.


Ultraman Tiga

While on a flight returning to Japan to prepare for the Japanese Grand Prix and meet his fiancée Mayumi, his plane Gorigan Air Flight 206 has been attacked and destroyed by Gazort II. However, before his death, he still holds his necklace with Mayumi's picture, which made his soul come to help Daigo and Shinjoh distract Gazort II timely, which give Shinjoh enough time to get his younger sister away from the monster. Meanwhile, Daigo transforms into Ultraman Tiga and destroys the monster. In the end, his soul gives Mayumi his necklace with her picture and said that he will always loves her before departing to the afterlife.

Ultraman Dyna

He reappeared again in episode 19, he assisted the titular Ultra Warrior in distracting Kokakuchu to give Dyna enough time to change into Miracle Type and rescue his younger brother Haruchika.



  • He is portrayed by the real life motorcycle racer Takuma Aoki, who ironically had his career ended in 1998 after a motorcycle accident caused his waist paralyzed.
  • His younger brother Haruchika in Ultraman Dyna is portrayed by Takuma's real life younger brother Haruchika Aoki.