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Takuya Negishi
Takuya Negishi
Born: March 12, 1996
Occupation: Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
Years active: 2013 - present
Spouse: N/A
Website: N/A
Takuya Negishi (根岸拓哉 Negishi Takuya?), born on March 12, 1996 is a Japanese singer and one of the members of Japanese boyband called "D-Boys" along with the former member, Shunji Igarashi (The actor who played as Mirai Hibino and Hiroto Ban and the voice actor for Ultraman Mebius) who portrayed Hikaru Raido in Ultraman Ginga, he also was one of the voice actors for Ultraman Ginga too. Takuya Negishi shares his first name with actor Takuya Kusakawa who also played the character Tomoya Ichijouji in Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Ginga S.


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