Tangilar manga


The massive bio-mechanic sauropod Tangilar, appeared in the Ultraman Hayata manga.


Height: 70m

Weight: TBA

Powers and Abilities:Edit

  • Limited Flight: Tangilar, despite his massive bulk, can fly short distances with the four jets on the soles of his feet.
  • Whip Tail: Like the anceint sauropods, Tangilar's massive tail can be used as a whip.




  • Like Yamaton, Tangilar, for some reason, gained enough attention to get a Marusan figure of him.
  • Tangilar isn't the first time Tsuburaya productions tried to make a sauropod and certainly not the last.
  • Tangilar was meant to be in the original Ultraman show, but due to budget and time restraints, was dropped. His concept art shows little difference from his original manga design.


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