Team U

Team U is a ragtag team, unlike previous teams, composed only by girls, who are also not actually part of an Earth defense group, though they claimed to work under the E.D.F. (Earth Defense Force). They used the U Loader machines to fight monsters. They are from the world of Ultraman Saga.


After all the humans in the world disappeared, The members of team U find themselves alone on Earth. After taking in the children, they decide to band up and defend themselves with the U Loaders they modified.

They meet Asuka when they were getting supplies only to be attacked by Arstron, Asuka in his Ultra form easily destroys the Kaiju and spends some time with the group, helping them survive. Then Hyper Zetton appeared and Asuka fought it only to be petrified to stone. Team U then continues to survive until meeting Taiga and Musashi.

When Cosmos saves Taiga and a boy, Takeru, under Team U's care, the team of females brought the hosts of Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Zero to their base. After Alien Bat destroys the kaiju calmed by Cosmos and used Hyper Zetton to damage their base severely, Taiga and Musashi take off to fight the mage sized monster.

Takeru digs up the Reflasher and Anna sends it to a stone Dyna, reviving him but dies as a result. The three Ultras fight but lose, before merging into Ultraman Saga, reviving the dead captain of Team U.

Team U then assists the super Ultra by guiding them to send Hyper Zetton to one of their traps, allowing Saga to kill the super version of the Space Dinosaur.

After that, Team U is seen with Taiga as the movie ends.


  • Anna- Captain of Team U. She has authentic athletic skills. She is 22 years old. She is the team's "eldest sister" and has a strong bond with Sawa especially. She is Risa's older sister.
  • Sawa - A combat squad member of Team U. She's a tomboyish girl who hates losing. She has a lot of courage, and she has had a lot of successful strategies, which is why she calls herself the commando of Team U. She is 20 years old.
  • Misato- Team U's deputy captain. She has an active role in taking advantage of knowledge and leads Team U in battle. She looks cool and calm and has a deep love for children. She is 22 years old.
  • Nonko - She is responsible of maintaining the team's maintenance problems. She is very good at mechanics, and was raised as a mechanic. Has a bright and easygoing personality. 19 years old. She's the mechanic sisters of Team U with Maomi.
  • Hina -  She is the operator of communications. She wished for the children to return to their parent's side, which is the reason why she keeps up the communication to the outside world. She is 18 years old.
  • Maomi - Her trademark are her glasses. She is responsible for the maintenance of various types of equipment with Nonko. Her family used to own a nursery. She's the mechanic sisters of Team U with Maomi. She's 19 years old.
  • Risa - The team's medic. She knows the pain of loniness and usually looks at kids with a warm look. A gentle girl that loves to smile. She's 18 years old.


  • All the team members of Team U are part of the big group AKB48.
  • Both AKB48 and Ultraman were part of the Ultraman Foundation, where the group donated 20,000,000 yen ($260,000 dollars) and two microbuses at the Moriokashi City, which was one of the cities most impacted by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Link


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