Home world: Earth
First appearance: Dinosaur Great War Izenborg Episode 2: A Crisis! Love and Goodness
Latest appearance: TBA
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Dinosaur Kaiju
Affiliation: Ururu (boss)
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Terano (テラノ Terano?) the Pteranodon is one of the Dinosaur Army's high flying rulers of the sky from episode 2 of Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.


After the defeat of Gorgo, Ururu in a fit of rage, sent one of his most ruthless fighters, the terror of the skies, Terano. Terano, unlike Gorgo, didn't make his pressence known outfront. He hid inside a massive cave, slowly building up an army of giant bats to join him on his agenda to destroy the humans. After two cave spelunkers disturbed the flesh eating bats and Terano, the beast took flight and lead his army of flying mammals into the night sky.

Ururu informed Terano that the crew of Aizenborg, JSDF and government officials where having a meeting and the saurians decided to crash the party. Terano first sent his wave of bats to attack the building and then the massive flying reptile joined in, attacking the building with his massive beak.

Soon, the Aizenborg was sent into action, and flew through the clouds of bats, sending many of them to their death, as the flying ship went to war with Terano. After a fierce battle, the Aizenborg's sawblades cut into the skin membrane of the flying terror's wings, sending him spiraling into the ground, exploding. As Ururu witnessed this, he started to plot his next attack, but it wasn't the last time the Humans would see the skies filled with flying reptiles.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Terano, like a normal Pteranodon, can fly, how ever, unlike normal Pteranodons, Terano uses his own wing strength to gain altitude.
  • Bat Control: Terano, much like the first few soldiers of Ururu's dinosaur army, can take control of animals, and force them to do their bidding.
  • Flames: Terano can breath a steady flame stream from his beak.


  • Terrano's, along with every other flying dinosaur in the show, has a modified Rodan roar.
  • Terrano's prop was one of the most used in the series, used four times for different members of Terrano's clan.
  • Terrano, unlike the other dinosaurs from the first five episodes turned into a movie, was the only one to keep his original name.

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