Teruo Aragaki
Teruo Aragaki Bemular
Born: 4 March 1931
Occupation: Actor, Suit Actor
Years active: 1966 - present
Spouse: N/A
Website: None

Teruo Aragaki (新垣輝雄, Aragaki Teruo) is a Japanese suit actor.

Teruo Aragaki is most infamously known in Kaiju Eiga as being the suit actor for Gamera for the first four films in the series (Gamera to Gamera vs. Viras,) As well as one of the suit actors to portray many monsters in the Ultra Series. He is notably the man who portray famous monsters such as Red King and Zetton, as well as one half of the two-man suit piloted monsters, Dodongo and Pestar. Former Daiei Film Director, Noriaki Yuasa stated that Teruo Aragaki was very nimble to be able to pilot the Gamera costume as the suit was equiped with reinforced steel.

Films of Kaiju EigaEdit

Ultra SeriesEdit


Ultra SevenEdit

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