Tetsuo Shinjoh
Gender: Male
Age: 26 (Tiga Series)

35 (Dyna Series)

Home world: Earth (Giants of Light Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Tiga
First appearance: Ep. 1: The One Who Inherits the Light
Last appearance: Ep. 36: The Smile of Destruction: Part 2
Number of appearances 52 (Tiga)
2 (Movies)
2 (Dyna)
Type: Ally
Family Unknown
Affiliation GUTS
Portrayed by Shigeki Kagemaru

Tetsuo Shinjoh (シンジョウ・テツオ Shinjō Tetsuo?) is a 26 Year Old bland but tall and always thinks of himself as good-looking person.


He has a younger sister named Mayumi, who is a TPC nurse. He is sometimes brash and hotheaded, but is also a bit of a chicken and fears ghosts and supernatural things. He has formed a goofball combination with either Daigo or Horii. He would have frequent chances to go on a GUTS Wing with Daigo and they were also frequently shot down. The running joke is that they were the worst combination for GUTS Wing formation attacks.