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''The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. The Monster Army''
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Directed by: Sompote Sands, Shohei Tôjô
Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions
Written by: Bunkou Wakatsuki
Starring: Ko Kaeoduendee, Yodchay Meksuan
Music by: Various, Masanobu Higure (stock music), Toru Fuyuki (stock music), Isao Sasaki (Bokura no Urutoraman)
Cinematography: N/a
Editing by: N/a
Distributed by: Tiga (Current home video distributor, Thailand), Fuji Eiga Co., Ltd. (Theatrical release, Japan)
Release Date(s) November 27th, 1974 (Thailand), March 17, 1979 (Japan)
Running time 103 minutes (Thai cut),

80 minutes (Japanese cut), 110 minutes (Thai reissue cut)

Country Japan, Thailand
Language Thai, Japanese

The 6 Ultra Brothers vs. the Monster Army (ウルトラ6兄弟VS怪獣軍団 Urutora Roku Kyōdai tai Kaijū Gundan?), known in Thailand as Hanuman vs. 7 Ultraman (หนุมาน พบ 7 ยอดมนุษย์ - Hanuman pob Jed Yodmanud) is a tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero film produced in 1974 by Tsuburaya Productions of Japan and Chaiyo Productions of Thailand. It was released theatrically in Japan on March 17, 1979.

In 1984, the film was reissued in Thailand in an edited form, known as Hanuman vs. 11 Ultraman (หนุมาน พบ 11 ยอดมนุษย์ - Hanuman pob Sibed Yodmanud), which contained the unauthorized use of footage from the compilation film Ultraman Zoffy, and was later edited into the also unauthorized English language film, Space Warriors 2000.


This film has the Ultra Brothers, Zoffy, Ultraman, Ultra Seven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro, teaming up with the Hindu monkey-god Hanuman (who was merged by Mother of Ultra with a young Thai boy who was cruelly murdered by a group of robbers) to fight five evil monsters. They are Gomora (from Ultraman), Dustpan (originally from Mirrorman), Astromons, Tyrant and Dorobon (all from Ultraman Taro), which were accidentally awakened by a rocket test gone terribly wrong.

Main CharactersEdit




This film, along with Jumborg Ace & Giant, marked the only time Tsuburaya Productions and Chaiyo Productions officially worked together. Decades after this film was made, relations between the two companies have deteriorated, leading to the court battle over rights to the Ultraman characters (specifically the ones depicted in this film) and even Jumborg Ace, which was eventually won by Tsuburaya in 2008.

International distributionEdit

The film was released in Chinese markets as 猴王大戰七超人 (Hóu wáng dàzhàn qī chāorén), under the international English title Hanuman and the Seven Ultramen. It was released theatrically in Hong Kong on February 26, 1975, and in Taiwan on June 27 of that same year. It was also reissued in Taiwan on January 25, 1985.

The shorter Chinese version is speculated to have been based on a pre-edited export cut of the film.


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Sompote Sands himself appears as a photographer at the rocket base.

Differences between the Thai & Japanese theatrical cutsEdit

  • Editorial changes to the film overall:
    • The Japanese version reworks the majority of the film's sound design from the ground up, and while it shares many of the same Toru Fuyuki cues, they are arranged and placed in the film differently, and none of the cues from Mirrorman heard in the Thai score are utilized. All instances of Thai traditional music are also replaced or removed.
    • Chaiyo logo removed from the opening sequence.
    • The Japanese title sequence has the credits layered over footage of the monster battles from later in the film instead of the composite of the solar system seen in the Thai version. The Thai Hanuman pob Jed Yodmanud theme is also replaced with Bokura no Urutoraman.
    • The Japanese version heavily cuts the subplot with Sipuak and Sisuliya, two pilots who work at Dr. Wisut's rocket center.
    • The rain dance sequences are heavily abridged and edited to focus more on Koh and Anan at times.
  • During Hanuman's vengeance on the robbers:
    • Many shots deemed unimportant/redundant are removed from Hanuman's pursuit of the robbers.
    • Hanuman's killing of the final robber is censored, cutting before the bloodshed is shown.
  • During the fight sequence between Hanuman/Ultra Brothers & Gomora:
    • The Thai cut uses the instrumental version of Ultra Roku Kyodai, while the Japanese cut uses Bokura no Ultraman.
    • Hanuman dancing after he uses the Crescent Cutter is shortened in the Japanese cut.

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