The Dada Effect
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 6
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Air date TBA
Directed by TBA
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Monstrous Meltdown
Devils from the Crypts

The Dada Effect is the 6th episode from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


On one night at an apartment, while a man named Mark Mitchell was checking his email, he received a message from someone known as “DaDa” only to be sucked right into his computer from merely touching the screen. WINR came onto the scene to investigate to situation, only to find that all that remained was a pile of sand where Mark was abducted. After collecting samples of the sand, WINR discovered that the silicon sand was composed of living cells hinting that mark’s DNA was inside the sand that was left behind. WINR returned to the site where they found the sand and had nearly all the computers shut down to figure out where the Dada virus came from and get rid of it. However, once Kai and another WINR member entered the computer’s files, there were suddenly trapped within the building itself by an invisible electrical force field created by the Dada virus. The other WINR members entered the building in rubber suits in hopes of rescuing the others only to be attacked by Dada’s true form, as well as two illusions of himself! The Dadas shot down and paralyzed the other members of WINR leaving Kai alone with them. Kai quickly fled by transforming into Ultraman Powered while the Dadas pursued him by merging together into a gigantic form. Both Powered and Dada fought at a nearby power plant and while Dada’s telekinetic and electrical control made him a tricky opponent, Powered fought back, reflecting one of his Electric Balls and weakening Dada. Then Powered fired his Mega Specium Ray at a power line connecting to the power plant destroying it along with Dada, who was caught in the explosion. However as WINR left the apartment, one lone computer monitor turned itself back on and eerily muttered… “Dada.”


WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)




  • This episode is based on Human Specimens 5 & 6 from Ultraman, except changed definitely.
  • This was one of the first episodes that doesn't possess complete master reels, which is shown to several scenes of Powered's & Dada's fight sequences.

Ultra Series references

  • At the beginning of the episode, the man can be heard humming a small part of Ultraman's theme song.

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