From left to right: Metal Dina, Battle Dina, and Desudainasu

The Dinas (ディナ Dina?) (Metal Dina (メタルディナ Metaru Dina?), Battle Dina (バトルディナ Batoru Dina?) and Desudainasu (デスダイナス Desudainasu?)) are three beast that appeared in the Ultraman Zearth Playstation game.

Subtitle: Mechanical Beast (機械獣 Kikai-jū?)


Height(Overall): 78m

Weight(Overall): 220,000t

Origin: Evolve Star



Powers and Abilities

All Three

  • Machine Guns: Located on all three type's hands are rapid fire machine guns.

Metal Dina:

  • Metal Beam: From his mouth, Metal Dina can fire a beam.

Battle Dina:

  • Missiles: Located in compartments all over his body, Battle Dina can fire a barrage of misses.

Death Dina:

  • Ultrasound Beam: Using his mouth, Death Dina can spit a beam of pure ultrasound.

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