The Dream Destroyers
Ultraman Ginga, Episode 5
Ultraman Ginga-5
Air date August 7, 2013
Screenplay by Masanao Akahoshi
Directed by Kengo Kaji
Viewer Ratings 1.4%
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The Dream Destroyers (夢を憎むもの Yume o Nikumu Mono) is the fifth episode of Ultraman Ginga.


The episode begins with a flashback of the Dark Spark War and a recap of previous episodes.

Continued from the previous episode where Hikaru/Ginga is badly defeated by Jean Killer, Tomoya starts scheming with he needed Taro's help. Back at Hikaru's school, he and Misuzu reveals everything to Chigusa as they decided not to reveal it to Kenta but as Kenta just arrived, he bitterly went off with Alien Valky seeing him as a target.

Hikaru went out and witness Jean Killer in front of him. He hears Taro's scream and uses Kemur Man to infitrate the robot and rescue him but only to discover Kenta with a Dark Dummy Spark and assuming Kenta as the robot's controller before they exited. Still, Taro is in Tomoya's hands.

Back at the school, all of Hikaru's friends tried to pursue him but failed. Hikaru has no choice but to deliver him a fist, causing the Dark Dummy Spark to evapourise. When Hikaru search in his pocket, he only discover Doragory Spark Doll and not Jean Killer meaning it wasn't him who controlled it.

The real Jean Killer appeared as Hikaru used Kenta's Spark Doll Doragory to fight followed by Ultraman Ginga. When both of them were falling from space, Ginga reverted back into his Spark Doll form due to the time limit, leaving Hikaru falling until he was saved by Jean-Killer himself. Shocked by this, Dark Lugiel sent Tiga Dark to destroy both Hikaru and Tomoya, revealing Tomoya's secret to Hikaru. Tiga Dark however unleash his blast again as the beam about to approaching them...


Spark Dolls Used

DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Ultraman Ginga Volume 2 features Episodes 4-6.


  • This episode marks the returning appearance of Ultraman Tiga in the form of Tiga Dark.
    • This episode also marks the first time Tiga Dark's projectile techniques are used.

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