The Elder

The Elder (長老 Chōrō) was the ruler of the Land of Light during the age when Prometheus was alive. His only appearance was in chapter 4 of the manga Ultra Super Legends, which served as a prequel to the previous chapters.[1]


When Prometheus discovered the Ultra-beings potential for light based attack, the Elder feared that the scientist's findings would lead to the destruction of their people, and swiftly banished Prometheus from the Land of Light.

Years later, the Guar Army general Boa attacked the Land of Light with an army of kaiju, one of which, the monster Gigan, slew the wife of Prometheus. When Prometheus heard of his wife's demise, he returned to the Land of Light to avenge her. However when Boa's monsters destroyed the dam network that kept the Plasma Spark's energy from escaping which returned the ancient residents of the Land of Light to weak human-like forms, Prometheus, and the Elder were the only ones unaffected by the events.