The Eye That Shines in The Darkness
Ultraseven, Episode 16
Air date 01/21/1968
Screenplay by Keisuke Fujikawa
Directed by Toshitsugu Suzuki
Special skill director Koichi Takano
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The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2
Underground Go! Go! Go!

 The Eye that Shines in The Darkness (闇に光る目 - Yami Ni Hikaru Me) is the 16th Episode of Ultraseven.


After going missing for three months while en route to study the planet Annon, Cherry Blossom 9 suddenly reappears and initiates contact with the Terrestrial Defense Force. Landing near Mt. Hades, Moroboshi, Anne and Amagi are sent to investigate. Upon their arrival at the landing site, they witness the craft explode. Afterward, Dan hears something, but the others hear nothing at all. A strange eye is watching him from inside the mountain wall. Meanwhile, a little boy named Hiroshi finds a stone in the shape of a creature Annon around Mt. Hades. Some bullies try to take it away from him, but a giant eye embedded in a tree emits a sonic power to allow the boy to escape. Later that night, the boy is told by a disembodied voice to return the stone to the mountain. Promising to make the boy strong enough to beat his bullies, the kid returns the stone to the mountaintop.


Suit Actors

  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun): Uenishi Hirotsugu (上西弘次 Hirotsugu Uenishi)


DVD Release

  • Ultraseven Volume 4 Features Episodes 14-17.


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