The Fires Beneath
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 9
Powered Zambolar
Air date 06/03/1995
Directed by TBA
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A Father's Love
Deadly Starfish

The Fires Beneath is the 9th episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


Several mysterious brushfires have been spontaneously igniting near where a logging crew has been working. Frustrated by the lack of work being carried out, and unable to go to the regular authorities, the head of the logging company calls in WINR to investigate the cause of the fires. When WINR discovers that the fires are being caused by the Zambolar who's body temperature is so high that it causes fires to just ignite all around it, they take measures to stop it. However, the heat from the monster's body plays havoc with WINR's equipment forcing Kai to once again transform into Ultraman Powered. But will this be the one monster that prove to be too hot for even Powered to handle? instead of fighting the monster, Powered used his Willpower to cause the flames to die down, as a way of convincing the monster to stop his rampage and go home. Zambolar shockingly complies, as his flames die down in heat and he returns home.




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