The Gift From Space
Ultra Q, Episode 3
Air date 01/16/1966
Screenplay by Tetsuo Kinjo
Directed by Hajime Tsuburaya
Special skill director Keiji Kawakarni
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The Gift From Space (宇宙からの贈りもの Uchū kara no Okurimono) is the 3rd episode of Ultra Q.


When Jun and Yuriko sight a UFO, it is discovered to be a lost space capsule that has returned to Earth after a trip to Mars. The unmanned capsule is found to contain two small gold spheres. Before the objects can be scientifically identified, however, they are stolen by a thief who mistakes them for real gold. When one of the spheres inadvertently comes in contact with heat, it grows to huge proportions and hatches a giant slug-like monster called Namegon which kills the gangster and his accomplice. Upon investigating the scene, Jun and the others come face to face with the monster, which Jun successfully lures over a cliff and into the sea below The monster is dissolved by the saltwater and the Earth is spared from further destruction. Dr. Ichinotani theorizes that the spheres were sent by an advanced alien race, possibly as a warning to mankind for launching so many pesky space probes. Meanwhile, Yuriko wears the second sphere as a necklace, unaware of the monster inside waiting to be born.


  • Namegon (First and only appearance)

DVD Release

Ultra Q Volume 1 Features episodes 1-4, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Features Episodes 1-3.

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