"When you rely upon weapons, you become vulnerable. In the end, you can only depend on yourself."

Gen Ohtori
The Man Without a Home
Ultraman Mebius, Episode 34
Air date 11/25/2006
Screenplay by Masanao Akahoshi
Directed by Naoki Ohara
Special skill director Yuichi Kikuchi
Viewer Ratings 3.4%
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Lady of the Blue Fire
Azure Waves of Light and Shadow
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A Man Without a Home (故郷のない男, Furusato no Nai Otoko?) is the thirty-fourth episode of Ultraman Mebius


When Mebius is defeated by Alien Reflect, Ultraman Leo, in the guise of Gen Otori, returns to give Mebius a harsh lesson and train him for a rematch against the invader.


Ultraman Mebius battles Alien Reflect, but his attacks are useless. The alien leaves, sparing the ultra his life. Mirai hears someone calling him, and they go to an island which had once been sunk by the Giras Brothers. There they find Gen Ohtori, and he tells them that he was unable to protect the island in his first battle on earth.

Gen tells Mirai he has come to earth to battle him. He transforms and Teppei recognizes him as Ultraman Leo. Mebius battles him, but is quickly defeated. Gen tells him that earth is his true home, and he cannot allow Mirai to defend it as he is. Tossing Mirai his old kimono he trained in, he tells him that if the young ultra can defeat Alien Reflect then he will allow him to guard earth. TBA

Yuki informs GUYs that Leo often lost to aliens, but always won in a rematch by unleashing a new attack. Mirai trains in the clothes Gen left. When Ryuu lights a fire using friction, Mirai is inspired to come up with a new attack. Just then the Alien Reflect arrives.

Mirai transforms, asking GUYS not to aid him in this battle. He kicks the alien, and adds spin to the kick, inspired by Ryuu. The alien is knocked down, but takes GUYS crew hostage. Just then Leo arrives to aid Mebius! TBA




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DVD Release

  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 9 features episodes 33-36.
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