The Prince of Monsters: Part 2
Ultraman, Episode 27
Ultraman hayata vs gomora
Air date 01/15/1967
Screenplay by Tetsuo Kinjo
Bunzo Wakatsuki
Directed by Hajime Tsuburaya
Special skill director Koichi Takano
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The Prince of Monsters: Part 1
Human Specimens 5 & 6
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The Prince of Monsters: Part 2 (怪獣殿下 後篇 Kaijū Denka Kōhen) is the 27th episode of Ultraman. On the DVD release it is only called His Majesty Monster, Part 2/The Monster Prince, Conclusion.


After the monster eludes both the Science Patrol and Ultraman, the threat to the population becomes even greater.



Suit Actors

  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman): Bin Furuya (古谷 敏 Furuya Bin)
  • Gomora (ゴモラ Gomora): Kunio Suzuki (鈴木邦夫 Suzuki Kunio)




DVD Release

  • Ultraman Volume 7 features Episodes 25-28.
  • Ultraman The Complete Series features all episodes.

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