Soul of Light
Home world: World of Light (Destroyed)
First appearance: Ultraseven X Episode 6
Latest appearance: Ultraseven X Episode 6
Height: Indeterminable
Weight: Indeterminable
Category: Alien
Affiliation: TBA
Roar(s): TBA

The Soul of Light (光の魂 Hikari no Tamashī?) was an alien that appeared in episode 6 of Ultraseven X.


Ultraseven XEdit

Coming from a planet long gone, the being referred to her as the Soul of Light, traveled the universe with its fellows. However over the years, many of its kind died of until it was alone in the universe.


  • Voice actress: Asami Imai
    • An interesting part about her voice actress is that she was born in 1977, the latter number being consistent with titular name of the series.
  • It was the only alien creature in the series that did not engage in conflict of any kind.
  • It was never explained whether the orb of light or the ship was the alien or if the alien was just within the ship. However the luminous body was shown to have genetic material, implying it was at least some sort of avatar.
  • The Soul of Light is one of the few aliens in the entire franchise not to have an official height or weight.
  • The Soul of Light is one of the oldest known aliens in the Ultra series at twenty thousand years.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Body of Light: The reason for the alien's name, is because it can send a luminous body to search for things. It sent it to search for a suitable companion, merging with that person.

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