• When are they going to feature Ultraman having a son? Would like to see that "son" square off with Ultraman Zero.

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    • I wonder how he would look.

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    • They might have Ginga as a son but, he never knew it. I'm probaly wrong.

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    • well we never even know about Zero's mother just saying

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    • Isn`t Ultraman having a son a bit wierd and cliche?

      A superhero having a son kinda makes it like he`s a guy in his mid 40`s trying to keep up with the youngsters.

      I mean I get that Ultraman and his bro`s are a elite team of the Space Garrison and everything but they`re kinda weak looking compared to the newer Ultra`s.

      In Ultraman`s appearance as a dark ultra he lost against Ginga even when he teamed up with evil Ultra seven.

      I would say Ultra seven having Zero as a son is a pretty bad mistake, Especially when he`s about 20 Ultra seven`s in terms of power.

      If they just have to make Ultraman a father they should make him have a son named Ultraman Shin that`s just red and silver instead of having blue on him.

      Also they should make him be average in terms of power like Ultraman in his first appearance.

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    • I really don't know what this guy was watching but Seven Dark was an even match for Ginga until the end and Ultraman Dark was shown to be able to physically over power him. Look at Ultraseven X, one of the most overpowered of all Ultras, the creators of the show described him as Seven with Ultraman's strength. Ultraman is one of the physically strongest normal Ultras, his physical strength and the fact that he can mental strengthen his body put his physical might above even Leos's and Taro's

      As for having a son, well in the manga Shin's son inherited the Ultra DNA he gained from his merger/resurrection. It seems more and more lIkely that Shinjiro is going to gain more Ultra abilities

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    • I know that Ultraman and seven was winning against Ginga but did they really have to team up to damage him that much?

      Pretty sure that Ultraman or Seven alone would have been able to defeat Ginga and his host despite becoming evil if they were such powerful Ultra`s.

      And they did technically lose against Ginga by itself.

      Also Ultraman couldn`t lift Skydon or at least fell while lifting it but Leo or Taro probably would have been able to lift it without looking super lame while doing it.

      I mean I like Ultraman and Seven but you have to face facts when you see them becoming weaker compared to the protaganists and other high ranking Ultras.

      Also the manga`s more like Ultraman and ironman combined if you ask me.

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    • Firstly, Ultraman being unable to lift Skydon was for the sake of the story, he has lifted something just as heavy in another episode. Secondly Ultraman is known to be able to mentaly augment his physical strength making him potentially the physical strongest of all the Ultra Brothers.

      Thirdly, the reason for Seven/UItraman Dark challenging him (It was one person switching between their two spark dolls) was to act as a type of form change, switching up his fighting style to keep Ginga guessing. As for defeating him on their own.

      The fight heavily implied that Seven's techniques could counter Ginga, if not in power than in operation, but Seven could not physically overpower Ginga.

      Ultraman however could defeat Ginga in terms of hand-to-hand combat but his techniques were more than likely not up to par with Seven's or Ginga's.

      As for them becoming weaker, that was a problem for a while but I think Ginga did credit to show that ALL the Ultras were strong in their own individual ways. Say what you will about Ginga, its better than Seven's own SON just suddenly being stronger than him most other warriors of the Land of Ultra

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    • Since when did he ever lift something just as heavy as Skydon by himself?

      And when did anyone say anything about Ultraman being able to mentally augment his physical strength?

      Is that an unique abillity or can other ultras do it as well?

      Also what your saying basically proves that Ginga is more superior than Ultraman and Seven.

      And doesn`t Ultraman have just as much if not more powerful techniques as Seven and Ginga?

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    • Go read his page, and its on the Japanese Wikia, or you could find his episodes and watch them.

      As for that abilitiy, Ultraman can augment his strength and physical resistance and I', Saying, Seven can match Ginga's techniques, which are clearly enhaced by his crystals and Ultraman was physically stronger than Ginga, but Ultraman uses the Specium ray, which is the most basic form of Ultra Beam, so no his attacks are not that powerful, in his series his beam has either caused his foes to blow up or gave them a deadly burn that killed the, with every other Ultra, the monster just blows up. Ultraman may potentially be the strongest Ultra there is, he has more physical techniques than most other Ultras but his beam attacks are somewhat lacking

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    • He cut a Baltan in halve, he blew up a Antler and destroyed alien spaceships.

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    • All Ultra Beams can blow up Space Ships and he didn't blow up Antlar, Antlar is immune to his beam, something that was overlooked or excused by the method of Antlar's revival in that scene that was fom Ultraman Saga the movie. Also there are other Ultra techniques for cutting things used by other Ultras

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    • Didn`t King Joe `s upgraded version get defeated by Ultraman`s beam attacks when Seven`s beams had little effect on the presumably weaker original King Joe?

      And by Ultraman blowing up Antler I meant the Ultra Attack beam in Zero`s movie.

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    • The Ultra Attack Beam has a much more powerful stat than the Specium Ray, hence why it was able to destroy Antlar.

      King Joe's upgraded version might have been an alternate to the original King Joe, basically I'm saying that the black King Joe MAY be an upgraded form of the alternate King Joe. So the two King Joes; Ultraseven version and Ultra Galaxy/Reionix version, MAY differ.

      And you should take note of one thing; producers/etc tend to leave out minor details.

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    • I know the Ultra Attack Beam is one of Ultraman`s strongest Attacks .

      I`m just saying that Ultraman was able to destroy Antler with it when it took a portion of Noa`s Baraji power to originally destroy it thus showing that he at least has enough firepower to rival Seven`s ultra beams.

      Also I`m aware of how each series seems to be different to one another such as Ginga`s series.

      The producers did show Hayata back with Ultraman after there initial seperation thus somewhat ignoring the original series.

      But if you say the part about King joe then that would mean each character would be different in terms of power thus make this disussion kinda pointless.

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    • You misunderstand, and I apologize if I wasn't clear, Seven has more psychic and ray techniques than Ultraman, he's also physically weaker, Ultraman has more Physical techniques as opposed to Ray or Psychich techniques. They were both used as a sort of style change Seven= Psychich/Ray fighter while Ultraman=Physical that was where their strengths were and how they were used against Ginga.

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    • Well that I guess I sorta understand.

      your saying that Seven is more of a special technique user while Ultraman is more of a brawler.

      But isn`t red colored Ultramen supposed to brawlers while the blue Ultra`s use more adept special attacks hence why Zero being able to use both near equaly?

      And what about in Leo`s series where King stated that Leo was in a sense unique because he he had more physical attacks compared to the other Ultra`s that came to Earth?

      Does that not mean Ultraman is more a special technique user?

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    • Red Ultras have bodies naturally more suited for combat, Blue Ultras are better thinkers and therefore naturally more suited for ESP attacks. The key word is naturally. Not all Ultras are going to have the same abilities, look at Taro, he's a red Ultra, but because both his parents were powerful Ultras he inherited a great deal of potential. In terms of natural strength (no techniques involved) the only Ultra Brother stronger than him is Leo due to his intense training and that's the point training. Seven trained his Special abilities more than Ultraman and Ultraman trained his physical abilities more than seven and perhaps most other Ultras. They are both red Ultras, thus their bodies are NATURALLY better for combat than their blue counterparts but remember Hikari is a blue Ultra, but after he shed his armor it was shown that he was a much better fighter than Mebius a red Ultra.

      How one starts of doesn't really show you how they will end up. The journey is the point not the destination and Seven and Ultraman took different paths.

      As for Zero, I have no idea, I assume that 'limitless potential' nonsense had to come from his mother, whose identity Tsuburya has kept secret for now.

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    • So your saying that it`s not the potential but the training for Ultraman and Seven.

      And that`s why I think Ultraman is weak compared to the other ultras.

      I mean Ultraman is a member of the Ultra Bros but when you compare them and other showa universe protaganist ultramen with Ultraman you will see that most outclass him in power.

      Zoffy has been said to be capable to defeat Zetton despite numerous defeats against other monsters, Jack defeated Zetton, Ace defeated Ace killer who has a portion of Ultraman, Seven, Zoffy`s powers and Jack`s bracelet, Taro defeated Jumbo king and that other creature, Leo beat the Gillas bros who beat up Seven, Astra is said to be even stronger than Leo in terms of brute strength, Max`s superior also beat Zetton, Mebius defeated Birdon, that robot creature that even Taro was unable to destroy and that fake Zetton, Zero is a freaking mess, Ginga beat both evil Ultraman and evil Seven.

      The only one that Ultraman has at the moment shown to stand a chance is Seven and since he`s Zero`s dad that kinda hints something.

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    • Ultraman Lost because he got hit in his color timer, Jack defeated Zetton because his series was rather devoid of originality and they couldn't have him loose the same way (It is also rumored that was a fake and weaker Zetton, (that and he only fired the beam when Zetton was spinning in the air) Ace was supposed to be a 'golden boy' like Taro and Zero when he first appeared. Taro is naturally the strongest Ultra brother ignoring Leo. Leo is a the freaking Bruce Lee of Ultras what did you expect. Astra, I don't know about him. Max's superior did not beat Zetton, he held his own but he was starting to loose after a while. Mebius defeated Birdon with help from GUYS. I have no idea what 'fake Zetton' you mean but if you mean Imperializer, he won all his battle with the creature/robot, the robot just didn't stay dead until completely vaporized. I'm not going to talk about Zero. Ginga defeated dark Seven, Ultraman Dark literally manhandled Ginga when he was used.

      As I said, Ultraman cn augment his physical strength, probably beyond that of the other brother or newer Ultras (he manhandled Ginga, and was one of the Ultras to actualy fight Belial instead of an instant defeat). It was his beam attacks that lack the power newer Ultras have, but in terms of physical might the Original may actually have an advantage against the rest of them.

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    • By fake Zetton he means the Maquette Zetton.

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    • Oh, thanks, well in that case Mebius won because he was fighting with Maquette Windam and Miclas

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    • Even if Ultraman`s color timer wasn`t hit he was sorta losing anyways so I`m not kinda convinced there.

      For Ace`s series I suppose that makes sense.

      As for the rest Jack`s series did kinda sucked I guess, Taro is Ken and Marie`s son after all so I understand that, Leo initially kept losing against monsters, for Astra go look his page, Max`s superior indeed didn`t defeat zetton as you stated but rather held his own against it which still shows he`s better then Ultraman which makes you wonder why they didn`t choose him to be a Ultra bro and  also didn`t Mebius beat some other monsters the other Ultra bros couldn`t defeat?

      And finally Ginga still did technically beat Ultraman dark.

      You gotta face facts when you see that Ultraman is getting old for the newer fans and is sorta turning into some dude that just gets compared with the other protaganists in power and shown to be outclassed.

      I mean when has he ever defeated a monster that the other bros couldn`t defeat besides Black king joe who`s original form that Seven couldn`t defeat?

      And please don`t say it`s because he was the original protaganist along with Hayata because the other Bros have defeated creatures that were not from there initial series that beat other Ultras.

      Zoffy greatly injured that Dark guy, Taro probably could have beat Dark Luigiel but chose Ginga to do it instead and also Leo in that movie.

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    • 1) You never know, he could turn the tables around and defeat Zetton. He could have use physical techniques or hit the Specium into the Space Monster's back.

      2) Mm hmm.

      3) Mebius had help, or should I say, encouragement from Team GUYS. From my point of view, the purpose of the Mebius series was literally to show what encouragement, teamwork, etc could do. Or whatever of that friendship stuff.

      4) At least Ginga ISN'T Zero.

      5) Wow. That was insulting.

      6) I could agree with that statement.

      7) I don't understand that statement.

      8) Dark guy? Taro could have probably defeated Dark Lugiel, you said? Didn't you see him struggling against Lugiel's special ray? And what if he whipped out his lance thing? And Leo in what movie?

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    • Mebius won his battle with the help of his friends, most of his fights were won with assistance from GUYS.

      Secondly I never said Xenon was weak

      Ginga defeated Seven/Ultraman Dark in Seven form. Ginga was shown to be now match for Ultraman in terms of the Physical department but at the same time Ultraman beams where no match for Ginga or Ultrasevens.

      Finally Zetton, when he was first appeared, was supposed to be the strongest monster in the Universe, that was how was presented. It was only later that other Ultras are shown to be able to beat him, basically Tsuburya had this terrible practice of making the new guy, super powerful and leaving the older heroes as canon fodder level fighters, Ultraman has taken the worse of this because he is the first Ultraman. At the end of the day, his attacks may not be anything special when compared to the newer Ultras but his physical resistance and strength outmatch theirs, he is the only known Ultra immune/resistant to electricity and acid. Until another Ultra comes along with the ability to augment his strength, Ultraman is potentially the physically strongest of all Ultras, save obviously Ultras like King, Noa, Ken etc.

      Zetton was originally supposed to be so big a threat Zoffy got TWO extra lives and headed to Earth to fight WITH Ultraman, but he got there late. We don't know if Zoffy found out about the invasion too late to get their in time, most likely. But Zetton was originally too big a threat for anyone Ultra to defeat. 

      In Jack they made him weak to make Jack look strong, that's it, that's the only reason he loss, evey other time you see Zetton like Ultra Galaxy, it took EX Gomora to beat him or King Joe to challenge his strength he was the strongest monster.

      Ultraman's Beam is the most basic Ultra Beam, that doesn't mean he is weak, otherwise how did that beam hurt Ginga, it sent his sliding across the ground.

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    • Zero blue color armor can maybe come from his mother.

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    • 1) Zetton kept teleporting so that would be kinda hard as dissapointing as it is.

      2) Thanks for agreeing.

      3) Friendship is cool.

      4) True that

      5) Didn`t mean to offend Utraman or anything guys, I probably like Ultraman the best out of all the other heros from Nebula M78.

      6) Oh yeah.

      7) I`m saying that some of the the past Ultra characters have defeated monsters that there seniors or juniors couldn`t defeat even when it wasn`t there own series.

      8) that final monster in Mebius`s series, Taro didn`t use most of his stronger moves as well and for Leo I meant that movie where Ultraman was able to defeat Antler with his specium beam for the first time.

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    • I suppose so and who`s Xenon?

      So basically Ginga is better than Ultraman for matching him in power and outclassing him in beams.

      I agree about the Tsuburaya part.

      Ultraman may be resistant against electricity and acid but he`s probably still weaker than Zoffy, Taro and Leo in terms of brute strength

      Zoffy was supposed to defeat Zetton originally but instead they made the ending even worse.

      Still Zetton loses or gets matched anyways, even Ultraman was shown matching him in Ultraman GInga`s series.

      Pretty much any finisher beam would hurt normal Ultras.

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    • Oh sorry Xenon was Max`s superior.

      Also when did I ever say he was weak?

      I remember saying that he held his own against it and that it leaves the question why he isn`t a member of the Ultra bros but I don`t remember saying he was weak.

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    • hey you think since they look so much alike ultraman and zoffy are related

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    • wrote:
      hey you think since they look so much alike ultraman and zoffy are related

      No...they aren't. 

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    • There's that Ultraman manga. 'Nuff said.

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    • Why are we reviving long-dead threads?

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    • Because why not

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    • A FANDOM user
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