Home world: Planet Earth (Gaia universe)
First appearance: Ultraman Gaia episode 38: "Ground-Breaking Tusks
Latest appearance: Ultraman Gaia Final Episode: "Earth is Ultraman's Star"
Height: 90 m
Weight: 110,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Mizunoeno Dragon (Generation I, Co-ruler of Earth)
Ultraman Gaia (Generation II)
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Tigris (ティグリス Tigurisu) or fully known as Alboom Tigris (アルブームティグリス Arubumu Tigurisu) was a kaiju that appeared in Ultraman Gaia. Tigris is one of the kaiju that fought Zogu.

Subtitle: Mysterious Crust Underground Beast (地殻怪地底獣 Chikaku Kai Chitei-jū)


Ultraman Gaia

Generation I

Long ago two monsters, Tigris and Mizunoenoryu ruled the earth the dragon took the water and the monster took the land and slumbered underground. Many years later a member of G.U.A.R.D launched a nuclear bomb underground but, it hit something. Shortly after rose the monster Tigris! Though it was soon clear the horned beast was badly damaged and spewing stomach fluids. Still a threat Gamu transformed into Ultraman Gaia, he tried to fight but, couldn't bring himself to fight the dying monster and went to go destroy the base. The G.U.A.R.D, however, kept launching missiles on Tigris. Everyone who watched, screamed and pleaded them to stop firing, however, ignoring them, they eventually kill the monster. Hiroya tells Gaia to take Tigris into space so that he may rest in peace. Though it was not the end of him.

Generation II

Months later the monster Blitzblots attacked the earth and out of the ground came a second Tigris, reborn from the first and he took on the monster and with the help of XIG fighters, but he was to much for him and soon Ultraman Gaia came to fight Blitzblots. After he was defeated, Tigris who was also injured in fighting died. His death was honored by XIG members later on. The Living Planet

Generation III

Later on the Dobishi assaulted earth and a third Tigris rose again, reborn and ready to fight the alien insects along with other monsters. But with the attacks a Kaiser Dobishi came down to fight Tigris. Sadly like the many Tigris before him, the insect unleashed thousands of dobishi's on him. In agony he falls over the side dead, like Geel III. The Cry of the Earth Earth is Ultraman's Star

  • Tigris III is one of the members of the anti-Zogu monster army along with Zonnel IIGomenos II, Geel lll, Syazac and Mizunoeno Dragon .
  • Tigris is one of two monsters to debut in Ultraman Gaia to be based on the tiger and other big cats. The other is Izac.
  • Tigris was based on the White Tiger of the Four Symbols, The other monsters in the series based off them are, Syazac, Zonnel, and Mizunoeno Dragon.
  • The word "Tigris" is Greek for Tiger.




  • Length: 90 m
  • Weight: 110,000 t
  • Origin: Tsumura underground lake

Powers and Weapons

  • Whip Tail: Tigris can use his tail as a whip
  • Burrowing: Tigris can burrow at moderate speeds

Tigris II
Tigris 2


  • Length: 88 m
  • Weight: 100,000 t
  • Origin: Underground

Powers and Weapons

  • Whip Tail: Tigris can use his tail as a whip
  • Burrowing: Tigris can burrow at moderate speeds
  • Bite: Tigris can bite its enemy for melee attacks

Tigris III
Tigris again


  • Length: 92 m
  • Weight: 118, 000 t
  • Origin: Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanaka

Powers and Weapons

  • Whip Tail: Tigris can use his tail as a whip
  • Burrowing: Tigris can burrow at moderate speeds
  • Energy Blast: Tigris can fire a reddish energy ball from it's mouth.
  • Energy Give: Tigris can give half his power to the Ultra's


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