Toshio Miyake Hangyolas

Toshio Miyake, next to the Hangyolas costume.

Toshio Miyake
(三宅敏夫) is a Japanese Actor.

Toshio Miyake is known for portraying many monsters in the various early Heisei Ultraman series', most notably Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Neos and Cosmos. He has also portrayed monsters in several Ultra films such as Ultraman Zearth and Heisei Ultraseven series. In real life, Toshio Miyake is also a Shop Owner and a Bartender that lives and serves (to this day) in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Ultra SeriesEdit


Heisei UltrasevenEdit

  • Eleking (Operation: Solar Energy Strategy)

Ultraman ZearthEdit

Ultraman TigaEdit

Ultraman DynaEdit

Ultraman GaiaEdit

Ultraman NeosEdit

Ultraman CosmosEdit

Other FilmsEdit

  • Death Kappa (as Hangyolas)

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