Ultraman figures from the Ultraman series were made into toys since 1960 from today. They're made from many companies: Marusan, Bulmark, Popy and mostly Bandai from today.

List of Ultraman Toys


Below and on the following page, are examples by Marusan, and other toy companies from this early period in Ultraman toys. Of note, these early toys often don't look very realistic, and can be rather rough in appearance. Ultraman was originally inspired by various Buddha statues in Japan, and one can almost sense a sereneness in these early figures. The first Ultraman figure (The first picture from the gallery) made by Marusan toys, 1966. Note the lines on the ears. Standard size, 9 inches tall.

2000's - 2012's

The mostly saled toy that released by Bandai company called "Ultra Hero Series. The length of the toy was 6 to 8 inch. The toy will released at 2000 and will resculpted in 2009 added with one new character Ultraman Zero and saled with new packaging.

The Ultraman Saga's figure was released by Bandai company on 2012 before the movie was played at the cinemas.