Tracadon Koseidon


Multiple Tracadons (トランカドン Torankodon?) appeared in the series, Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon, as mind controlled beast and as allies who assisted Koseidon in battle with the Alien Godomesus.

Subtitle: Duck Billed Dinosaur (ダック銘打たれた恐竜 Dakku Meiuta Reta Kyōryū?)


Height: Varies

Weight: Varies

Origin: Prehistoric Earth


Many of these gentle giants were victims to the Alien Godomesu invasion, and when the time came, they assisted the red warrior Koseidon in his battle.

One Tracadon was seen attempting to fight Tyrannosaurus Jackie but was tossed off a water fall and killed.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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