Triple Fighter
Triple Fighter
Human Host/Form: Tetsuo, Yuji, Lily
Height: 1.8m
Weight: 77kg
Place of Origin: Planet M
Transformation Item: None
Type: Hero
Voice actor(s): Unknown
Suit actor(s): Shoichi Yoshinaka
First Appearance: Triple Fighter Episode 1
Last Appearance: Triple Fighter Episode 26
Race: Planet M Alien
Status: Alive
Affiliation: SAT

Triple Fighter (トリプルファイター Toripuru Faitā) the fiercest warrior of Planet M, born when each fighter Green, Red, and Orange combined. Triple Fighter's form consists of the "superior intelligence" of Tetsuo (Green Fighter), the "tough body" of Yuji (Red Fighter), and the "innocent heart" of Lily (Orange Fighter).

The large circular Plate on his chest, the "Miracle Signal", marks the limit of someone out of three Fighters or if all three are too weak to fight, by changing to the Fighter's personal color, the remaining time is 1 minute before the Three Fighters are forced to return to themselves, this is Triple Fighter's only weakness. 


The evil Devil Monsters from Planet Devil wiped out the population of Planet M except for three siblings who escaped to Earth. They were Tetsuo/Green Fighter, Yuji/Red Fighter and Lily/Orange Fighter. Triple Fighter is formed when the 3 siblings merge together.


  • Triple kick: His special move, majority of the Demon Phantoms were defeated by this technique.
    • Triple-double kick: A variation of the Triple Kick where Triple Fighter kicks his opponent twice. First used in Episode 19.
  • Triple neck: He grips the head of the enemy with his legs and flips them over onto the ground,
  • Attack Fire: In planning stages, he was meant to be able to shoot 500 000 degree flames out of his body. This was not used in the show.



The Three Fighters merging into Triple Fighter

The three fighters stand around in a circle and jump, shouting "Triple Fighter" together. They spin around in the air and merge into Triple Fighter.



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