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U Loader

Three U Loaders in mecha form.

U Loaders are fighter-mecha hybrid multi-purpose machines used by Team U in the 2012 movie Ultraman Saga. Their estimated height is 5 meters.


  • Grenade Launcher: U Loaders are equipped with a grenade launcher.
  • Fighter Morph: U Loaders can morph into super sonic fighters if needed.
  • Dynamite: U Loaders can use dynamite for booby traps.
  • Launchable Wired Claws: U Loaders can launch their claws and retract them using a wire. These can be replaced with a pick ax.


Used by Team U for scavenging and warding of kaiju, the U Loaders were essential for the last people on Earth and were piloted by members of Team U. At one point the U Loaders were forced to take on the monster Arstron who appeared from beneath the ground. After a U Loader used both its grenade launcher and a dynamite trap to try and fight him off, Arstron seemed unfazed. However, before the monster could continue his rampage, Ultraman Dyna appeared and quickly destroyed the monster without much effort. The U Loaders were deployed some time later when Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Cosmos attempted to rescue Ultraman Dyna from Hyper Zetton. Thanks to one of the machines, Ultraman Dyna was able to revive to save his allies from Hyper Zetton.

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