Ultraseven Episode Guide (Original)

1: The Formless Invaders

2: The Green Terror

3: The Secret of the Lake

4: Max, Reply!

5: The Stolen Hours

5: Dark Zone

6: Space Prisoner 303

7: The Targeted Town

8: Android Zero

9: The Man Next Door

10: Captured in Living Color

11:  From Another Planet with Love

12: The Man Who Came from V3

13: Planets in Conflict Part I

14: Planets in Conflict Part II

15: The Eye That Shines in The Darkness

16:  Underground! GO! GO! GO!

17: Escape Space X

18: Project Blue

19 Beat the Quakemakers!

20:  Seek the Undersea Base!

21: The Human Farm
Ultraseven 24

22: Seek Tomorrow!

23: Return to the North!

24: Ultraseven Exposed

25: The 8,000 Megaton Mistake

26: Operation Cyborg

27: Death on Wheels

28: The Lonely Earthling

29: Glory for Whom?

30: Blood Thirst

31: The Wandering Planet

32: The Dead Invaders

31: The Vanishing City

34: Shivers on the Moon


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