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Ultra-Act (ウルトラアクト Urutora Akuto?) is a toyline released by Bandai that consists of articulated Ultraman-themed action figures. While similar to S.H. Figuarts, these are a separate line in a different scale. The toys were made in a 6-inch scale and was sold by Bandai, while the actual manufacturer was Tamashii Nations.

In 2016, the toyline is canceled and replaced by S.H. Figuarts, which produces Ultraman-related figures.

List of Ultra-Act charactersEdit

Note: Italics are Tamashii Webshop/Event Limited and/or Exclusives.


  1. 10111412p

    Ultra-act Ultraman.

  2. Ultraman Belial
  3. Gomora
  4. Ultraman Zero
  5. Alien Baltan II
  6. Zamusha
  7. Ultraman Mebius
  8. Ultra Seven
  9. Eleking


  1. Darklops Zero
  2. Kaiser Belial
  3. Ultimate Zero
  4. Imitation Ultraman
  5. Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type
  6. Kyrieloid
  7. Tiga Dark
  8. Ultraman Tiga Sky-Type
  9. Alien Magma (Brother Red and Brother Blue)
  10. Ultraman Leo
  11. Evil Tiga
  12. Ultraman Tiga Power-Type
  13. Golza
  14. Glenfire
  15. Astra
  16. Ultraman Gaia V2
  17. Mirror Knight
  18. Ultraman Agul V2
  19. Jean-Bot


  1. Ultraman Dyna Flash-Type
  2. Brothers Mantle Set
  3. Zoffy
  4. Andro Melos
  5. Red King
  6. Ultraman (Renewal)
  7. Jean-Killer
  8. Ultraman Max
  9. Gridman
  10. Ultraman Ace
  11. Ultraman Gaia Supreme Version


  1. Thunder Gridman
  2. Ultraman Nexus Junis
  3. Ultraman Agul V1
  4. Ultraman Jack
  5. Ace Killer
  6. Father of Ultra
  7. Ultraman Taro
  8. Ultraman Nexus Junis Blue
  9. King Gridman
  10. Ultra Seven (Renewal)
  11. Ultraman Jonias
  12. Ultraman Jonias (Anime Color)
  13. Mother of Ultra
  14. Dark Zagi


  1. Ultraman Noa
  2. Ultraman Zero (Renewal)
  3. Ultraman Leo (Renewal)
  4. Ultraman Gaia V1 & XIG Fighter Set
  5. Ultraman Ginga
  6. Imitation Ultraman (Renewal)
  7. Ultraman Zero Strong Corona & Luna Miracle set
  8. Ultraman Tiga Multi-Type (Renewal)
  9. Astra (Renewal)
  10. Ultimate Zero (Renewal)
  11. Ultraman Dark & Ultra Seven Dark set
  12. Ultraman Mebius (Renewal)
  13. Ultraman King
  14. Ultraman TIga Multi Type (Renewal)


  1. Ultraman 80
  2. Ace Robot
  3. Ultraman Hikari
  4. Yulian
  5. Ultraman Tiga Power and Sky Type set (Renewal)
  6. Ultraman (2011 Manga) (released under the Ultra-Act x S.H. Figuarts logo)
  7. Zoffy Mebius Special Set
  8. Ultraman Mebius Burning Brave Mode
  9. Hunter Knight Tsurugi
  10. Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode
  11. Glitter Tiga & Camearra set


  1. Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave Form
  2. Ultraman Suit Ver 7.2
  3. Manga Ultraman (Special ver.) (released under the Ultra-Act x S.H. Figuarts logo)


  1. Manga Bemular (released under the Ultra-Act x S.H. Figuarts logo.


  • Ultraman Suit Version A
  • Ultra Seven
  • Alien Metron
  • Alien Mefilas
  • Alien Baltan Clone Set

Currently unreleased charactersEdit

Tamashii 2010 EventEdit

  • Alien Baltan
    • Alien Baltan (split hologram ver.)
  • Alien Babalou
  • Reionic Burst Gomora
  • Tiga Tornado
  • Tiga Blast

Tamashii Nation 2011 EventEdit

  • Alien Metron
  • Kanegon
  • Apatee

Tamashii Nation 2012 EventEdit

  • Ultraman Powered
  • Ultraman "A-Type"
  • Ultraman "B-Type"

Tamashii Nation 2013 EventEdit

  • Jean-Nine (Ultraman Ginga version)

Tamashii Nation 2014 EventEdit

  • Tiga Blast
  • Tiga Tornado
  • Ultraman Tiga (Statue ver.)


  • Some Ultra-Act figures were counterfeited by Ruishi (锐视) and an unknown company. So far, Ultraman, Ultraseven, Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Nexus (Junis & Junis Blue) & Ultraman Zero (ver.2) was made.


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