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Ultra Battlers is a trading figure line released by Bandai Asia. The toyline consists of collectible trading figures (molded similarily to keshigomu (eraser) figurines, which can be used as battle toys. Each of their respective trading cards includes a scannable QR code which is used to unlock video clips from the toyline's website.

The toyline is released exclusively in Asia countries (Indonesia, Malaysia) outside Japan.

How to play

The figures can be played in two ways (1 on 1, Battle Royale), but with the same play pattern: knocking the boxes to make the figures "move". The last figure standing will be declared as a winner if any of the opponents are either fallen down from the arena, or toppled on it.

In the Sumo Battle play set, the players must control the figures (With the gameplay being the same as the first default play pattern) with the included stages for the Battle Stage.

As an extra playability, the players can use the Stages for 2 different play styles:

  1. Balancing Game: The player must slowly add the figures onto the Wild Stage. If one falls down from the stage, the player is disqualifed.  
  1. Stacking Game: The player must stack the figures onto the inner circle of the Regular Stage (must be flipped 180 degrees first). The player will be disqualified if a figures falls off from the stacked tower

In the Shooter Battle Play Set, the player must use the included Catapult and shoot the Ultraman figurine against the monsters (which was standing on the Building accessories).


Sumo Battle Play Set

  • Includes:
    • Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Belial figurine (Clear Blue)
    • Tyrant figurine (yellow)
    • 2 Battle Sheets
    • Battle Base
    • 2 Battle Stages
    • 4 Collectible Cards 

Shooter Battle Play Set

  • Includes:
    • Ultraman X Figurine (clear blue)
    • Demaaga, Rudian, Bemstar figurine (yellow)
    • Shooter
    • 2 Height adjustment pieces
    • 5 Building accessories
    • Map Sheet
    • 4 Collectible Cards

Ultra Battlers

The inivudually blind-packed boxes includes 1 Ultra and their respective Monsters/Aliens figurine. Each of them comes with a respective Collectible card.


  1. Ultraman X & Demaaga
  2. Ultraman Zero & Ultraman Belial
  3. Ultraman X & Rudian
  4. Ultraman & Alien Baltan
  5. Ultraman Ginga & Thunder Darambia
  6. Ultraman Mebius & Bemular
  7. Ultraman Zero & Bemstar
  8. Ultraman & Zetton
  9. Ultraman Mebius & Alien Nackle
  10. Ultraman Ginga & Tyrant
  11. Ultraman X & Gargorgon
  12. Glenfire & Mirror Knight


  1. Ultraman Victory & Shepherdon
  2. Ultraman Tiga & Evil Tiga
  3. Ultraman Nexus Anphans & Dark Mephisto
  4. Ultraman Taro & Alien Temperor
  5. Ultraman Ginga Strium & King Joe
  6. Ultraman Ace & Giant Yapool
  7. Ultraman Tiga & Fire Golza
  8. Ultraman Ginga Strium & Vict Lugiel
  9. Ultraman Taro & Dark Lugiel
  10. Ultraman Victory & Vakishim
  11. Ultraman Ace & Ace Killer
  12. Ultraman Nexus Anphans & Dark Galberos

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