Ultra Bracelet
Ultra Bracelet
User(s): Ultraman Jack
Various other Ultras
Nature: Bracelet
Powers: Various
First Appearance: Return of Ultraman Episode 18: "Ultraseven Arrives!"
Status: Still in use

The Ultra Bracelet (ウルトラブレスレット Urutora Buresuretto?) is a multi-purpose weapon that was used originally by Ultraman Jack. It was later mass-produced for other Ultras.


As revealed in Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire, Seven forged the bracelet from the energies of the Plasma Spark. After a defeat from Bemstar, Ultraman Jack received the Ultra Bracelet from Ultraseven which has helped him even further. Taro also had his own Ultra Bracelet named Taro Bracelet, which later upgraded into King Bracelet by Mother of Ultra. Some time later, Zero, Seven's son was sent on a mission to investigate the source of the Darklops as he is given an Ultra Bracelet, or Ultra Zero Bracelet (personally named by Zero) which enables him to travel through dimensions.


Much like Ultraseven's Eye Slugger, the Ultra Bracelet was seen exploited by many enemies in the Ultra Series. Among them are:

  • Alien Zelan: After successfully baiting Jack to duel his monster Plooma, Zelan took control of the bracelet via a remote controller after Jack turned it into Ultra Spark and tried to retrieve it. The weapon (as Ultra Spark) turned into a swarm of flying energy daggers and attacked Jack as the Ultra Crusader defended himself from his possessed weapon until it tried to constrict Jack to death. It wasn't long until MAT Captain tracked Alien Zelan and killed him with a shot, allowing Jack to regain control of the Ultra Bracelet and went away.
  • Ace Killer: As part of the plan to eliminate Ultraman Ace, Yapool kidnapped four senior Ultra Brothers and had Ace Killer steal their powers (among them were Jack's Ultra Bracelet). Ace eventually managed to kill the robot assassin with his brothers' help and returned the bracelet back to Jack.



  • Ultra Spark (ウルトラスパーク Urutora Supāku?): It can cut down opponents easily. It was used frequently by Jack to kill Bemstar, Alien Grotes, Nokogilin, Leogon, Gronken and Plooma.
  • Bracelet Bomb (ブレスレットボム Buresuretto Bomu?): An explosive device used against King Maimai.
  • Ultra Lance (ウルトラランス Urutora Ransu?): It can destroy monster in a hit. Ace Killer uses it in a similar fashion as Jack when he throws it to slice foes. But instead of slicing, it causes a large explosion on contact.
  • Ultra Cross (ウルトラクロス Urutora Kurosu?): A modified version of Ultra Lance with the blade part of it was replaced with a cross, it was used against Draculas and Alien Bat.
  • Ultra Defender (ウルトラディフェンダー Urutora Difendā?): A shield which is powerful enough to deflect any attacks. It can also be used to freeze an enemy. It was used against Snowgon.
  • Strange Light Mirror (編光ミラー Henkō Mirā?): Has the ability to weaken an enemy's mirage like Paragon.
  • Bracelet Needle (ブレスレットニードル Buresuretto Nīdoru?): A harpoon-like weapon used to kill Vacuumon. The tip of it had been filled with a specialized venom.
  • Bracelet Whip (ブレスレットムチ Buresuretto Muchi?): A whip-like ability used against Red Killer.
  • Ultra Fire Wheel: A fire-wheel attack used against Alien Varduck.
  • Barrier Ball (バリヤーボル Bariya Boru?): Used to rescue a falling man from hitting the ground.
  • Reform: If ripped off or dismembered, Jack's Bracelet can help him reform back to his usual self.
  • Bracelet Boomerang (ブレスレットブメラン Buresuretto Bumeran?): A boomerang similar in shape to Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. It was used in Episode 37 to hurt Black King, but it didn't affect him.
  • Ultra Super Ray (ウルトラスーパー光線 Urutora Sūpā Kōsen?): Rays of light fired from the Ultra Spark. It was used on Episode 19 to defeat Sartan.
  • Magnetic Force Resistance: Allows Jack to be free from an enemy's magnetic force. It emits a yellow spiral ray from the Bracelet, to neutralize the magnetic force. It was used during the battle against Magnedon.
  • Anti-gravity Beam: Emits a green spiral of light rays from the Bracelet, Capable of lifting an enemy into the air while Ultraman lifts him into space. Was used during the battle with Magnedon.
  • Dam Damming Ability: Used during the battle with Magnedon to stop water in the dam from flowing out.
  • Bracelet Chop (ブレスレットチョプ, Buresuretto Chopu?): A left handed chop that is strengthened by the power of the bracelet. It was used against Gronken to chop his arms off.
  • Water Evaporation Capacity: Heat is generated from the bracelet and evaporates the water to swamp water. After the end of combat, evaporated water has fallen to become a heavy rain.
  • Bracelet Reflection Ability: Used to reflect the enemy's rays at them. It was used against Builgamo.
  • Bracelet Flash:Shoots intense light from the bracelet used to blind the enemy. It was used in Episode 36 against Draculas.
  • Lazy Energy Absorption Capacity: Used to absorb the energy of laziness and shrink the target. Was used against Yametaranese.
  • Needle-Shaped Beams: Releases needle shaped beams. It was used when the Bracelet was controlled by Alien Zelan.
  • Chain of Light: A long ray of light that was used to attack and restrict Jack. It was used when the Bracelet was controlled by Alien Zelan.

King Bracelet

Main article: King Bracelet
  • Bracelet Beam: Fires an energy blast.
  • Taro Split: Splits Taro into two.
  • Magic Hand: Magic tricks.
  • Bucket: Turns the bracelet into a plastic blue bucket filled with water for waking up drunken monster Beron.
  • Muzzle: The bracelet turns into a giant muzzle.
  • Taro Barrier: Forms a tiny spark wrist barrier that blocked Mephilas' eye beam.

Ultra Zero Bracelet

Main article: Ultra Zero Bracelet
  • Energy Storage: The original purpose of the bracelet is to store enough energy from the Plasma Spark to allow Zero to transform at least three times in another universe.
  • Tether: The Zero Brace also served the purpose of showing Zero the way back to his home universe
  • Ultra Lance: Like any Ultra Brace, Zero's can transform in to the Ultra Lance.
  • Ultra Shield: Like the Ultra Lance, the brace can also form a shield.
  • Ultra Eye: The brace is where the Ultra Eye is stored when in human form.

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