Ultra Capsules
User(s): Ultraman Geed
Nature: Energy preservation device
Powers: Varies per capsule
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed (2017)
Status: In use

The Ultra Capsules (ウルトラカプセル Urutora Kapuseru?) are a series of capsules that allow Ultraman Geed to change forms based on the two capsule he uses in his Riser. When not in use, he stores them in his Ultra Capsule Holder.

Dark counterparts of these capsules exist in the form of Kaiju Capsule which are used to fuse the kaiju into Belial Fusion Monsters.


Ultraman GeedEdit

At the height of the Ultra Warriors' battles with Ultraman Belial, Ultraman Hikari invented the Ultra Capsules to preserve his kin's powers. Unfortunately Belial triggered the Crisis Impact and detonated the Earth. The Ultra Capsules were stolen and made their way to the restored Planet while the Ultra Warriors' powers are stored within selected individuals, called as Little Stars.

In the present day, two of them so far were already prepared by RE.M. for Riku Asakura's usage, Ultraman and Belial. The power of Little Stars are targeted by various forces, both good and evil. Should Riku obtain a Little Star, it would occupy a blank Ultra Capsule and provides its corresponding power.


The main purpose of the Ultra Capsule is to preserve an Ultra Warrior's powers. Despite their size, a single capsule is enough to change the tide of the battle. Each capsules possess individual powers of an Ultra Warrior, allowing Ultraman Geed to utilize them through his Fusion Rises.

The Ultra Capsule can be created when the Little Star separated from its host upon praying for an Ultra. Around this point, said power will be contained in a blank Capsule to create its corresponding power.

Little StarEdit

Little Star (リトルスター Ritoru Sutā?) is an energy substance that was actually the Ultra Warriors' powers, occupying certain individuals on Earth. As it name suggests, it was represented in a form of yellow energy orb that would eventually enter an Ultra Capsule to create its corresponding power.

Host Ultra Power(s)
Eri Hara (原 エリ Hara Eri?) Ultraman Leo Pyrokinesis
Toru Honda (本田 トオル Honda Tōru?) Ultraseven Armor of Light
Alien Pitt Tri Tip Ultraman Hikari Energy sword
Moko Ultraman Cosmos Healing

Known Existing CapsulesEdit


  • Its appearance as a capsule with caricatures of the characters reflected that of the Zyudenshi from the 37th Super Sentai Series, Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Said series is also directed by Koichi Sakamoto, director of Ultraman Geed.
    • They also happen to have a slight resemblance to the Full Bottles from the upcoming Kamen Rider Build, as two are needed to transform and the powers of the items are combined. Its no surprise that their series' soundtracks are composed by Kenji Kawai.
  • In both Geed's official site and Bandai toy releases, the Ultra Capsules are named after their respective Ultras' last names (eg, Seven Capsule, Leo Capsule). This is however an exception in SG Ultra Capsule (SGウルトラカプセル Esu Jī Urutora Kapuseru?) releases, as they tend to keep the "Ultraman" names.

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