Ultra Change Series (ウルトラチェンジシリーズ) is a toyline created by Bandai, which consists of 15cm figures based on Ultra Series' characters. The figures' scale, articulation & gimmicks were similar to Bandai's Kamen Rider action figures.


2013 Releases

  • Jean-Nine (Fully-transformable)
  • Jean-bot (Fully-transformable)

2014 Releases

  • Ultraman Victory (includes EX Red King Knuckle, Eleking Tail, King Joe Launcher, Gudon Whip & Sadora Scissors)
  • Ultraman Ginga/Ultraman Ginga Strium (includes Ginga Saber, Ginga Spark Lance, Ginga Strium Parts (Forehead, Shoulders, Chest, & Strium Brace))

2015 Releases

  • Ultraman Ginga Victory (includes Hyper Zetton Scissor & Shepherdon Saber)


An individual version of the Ultra Change Series Ultraman Ginga figure is released by Bandai China in an Ultra Hero Series-styled packaging, and he only includes his Ginga Saber. His back detail's paint applications is slightly omitted.

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