Ultra Eye
Ultra Eye
User(s): Dan Moroboshi
Masaki Kazamori
First Appearance: Ultraseven Episode 1 The Invisible Challenger
Status: In use

The Ultra Eye (ウルトラアイ Urutora Ai?) is Dan Moroboshi's transformation item. With it, he can transform into his true self, Ultraseven. His famous quote before he transformed is "DWUAH". When bonded to human hosts Masaki Kazamori or Jin, it allows them to control Seven's actions.

Unlike any other transformation items, this item transforms Dan and his hosts into Ultraseven without any rise action. Instead the transformation scene is Dan, or a human host, transforming into Seven from the head down. Jin, on the other hand, transformed in real time in a burst of red light.



Dan Moroboshi using his Ultra Eye

The original Ultra Eye was simple. Upon use there was a transformation scene where the glasses would disappear and change Dan into his Ultra form from head to toe. Often times Seven would be human size and would take on giant size afterwards. Later on, during the time of Ultraman Leo's stay on Earth, Seven was gravely injured. As a result, the Ultra Eye was damaged, leaving him stranded in human form, even though he has transformed without its usage.

Eventually Ultraman Jack took it back to the Land of Light for repairs and Seven soon regained his true form.

Ultraseven X's

Technically, Ultraseven X's Ultra Eye was the same as the original. But like Ultraseven himself, the Ultra Eye also received an update, looking more sleek and streamlined. Upon use, the Ultra Eye turned into a light that covered Jin and morphed him into Ultra form, with a bright flash, but in real time.


  • The Ultra Eye was named "The Ultra Task-Mask," or simply "The Task-Mask," in the English dub of Ultraseven on TNT.
  • The show Ultraseven was originally going to be named Ultra Eye.
  • The Ultra Eye has been stolen by many alien foes in hopes of leaving Dan defenseless, causing him to rely upon the use of Capsule Monsters. This was the second time a transformation artifact fell into someone else's hands (the first, in the 1966 Ultraman, having been the Beta Capsule, when it was lost during Ultraman's fight against Gomora) but the first instance where the artifact was intentionally taken from its rightful possessor.


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